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LeBron returns to Cleveland


Reblogging just for the awesome gif.

If you’d tell a UX developer to come up with the worst design they can possible imagine, I think invisible buttons that perform destructive actions when you merely touch them would be pretty high on the list.

Jurassic Park

Can’t wait for Jurassic World.


Jurassic Park

Can’t wait for Jurassic World.


This is the realest thing that’s ever been on TV. 

2,911 plays


"Warming Up"

I realize that not everyone has had the opportunity to be in a large echo-y room while an elementary school band warms up for their spring concert.

So, I share.

You’re welcome.

We just sat there drinking beer and watching incessant Kenny G. It was terrible.
Jackie Subeck, a music and entertainment consultant from Los Angeles who has been doing business in China for 12 years, talking about the country’s obsession with “Going Home”, Kenny G’s 1989 song that’s ubiquitous in the country to denote the closing of stores/schools/bars/etc. (via parislemon)